"Old Palette"
- enlarged detail -

The image below is a detail of the painting I created on a wooden
palette, as part of the "2006 Palettes of Vermont" statewide art project.

This particular palette was auctioned in September, '06
to benefit the Brandon Artists Guild, of which
I'm an exhibiting member.

The term "old palette" is an artists' reference to the vintage colors used to
give a painting an overall antique appearance. This painting was inspired
by the 1845 oil on canvas, "The Beeches" by Asher Brown Durand.
Mr. Durand was a prominent painter of the "Hudson River School"...
a New York based group of well known painters recognized for
their landscapes of high detail and realism, around the 1850s.

Somehow, the term "old palette" seemed
to be a very fitting title for this piece!

A side note... I was humbled by the very high praise I
received for this painted palette's detail and vintage look.
At the Brandon Artists Guild here in Vermont (the BAG),
most viewers, including our most prominent member, Warren Kimble,
had wonderful compliments for it. (Mr. Kimble insisted that I should create other
paintings like this, recognizing the very desirable style and the knack I seem to have for it.)
Considering Mr. Kimble's expertise, this is advice I fully intend to heed!

Acrylic on wood panel (palette: 15.5 wide x 11.5 tall"), varnished
© 2006 Mike Mayone
"Old Palette"

"Old Palette"
- enlarged detail -
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