MM014 - "Peaceful Fall"

A maple leaf, aflame in its autumn coat of scarlet red, offers a striking natural contrast
as it rests gently on a bed of wild yarrow greens and flowers, its pendulum-like fall
having been softly arrested before reaching the earth below.

Available as a Fine Art Note Card

11 x 14" acrylic on canvas, © 3-2001 Mike Mayone

Original Now Available
Original 11x14" acrylic on stretched canvas in a high-quality
custom wood frame, (gold finished with minimal fine embellishments
and a white linen liner that works very well with the flowers):  Price - $1,200

NOTE: This painting has a high-texture paint style unusual for Mike's work,
typically a "dry-brush" painting technique. The flowers, and especially the
maple leaf, are 3-dimensional in feel, built up entirely of acrylic paint.
(Mike has even been asked if a real leaf had been applied to the canvas!)
MM014 - "Peaceful Fall"
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